So, you spend your whole adult life trying to prevent something, and then one day you change your mind…then what? Oh, the magical stork doesn’t just drop an adorably swaddled baby right in your lap?  That’s not how it works? Weird.

The road to the bundle of joy was not exactly a bundle of joy itself.  No one tells you that it can actually be quite shitty to be honest.  My hope is that this blog can be part therapy, part comic relief and part camaraderie.  Not that it’s enjoyable to have others struggle with you, but there is some comfort in knowing others can relate to your experience. Especially when it feels like the entire world around you is preggo. Like, legit, everyone.

That is how I felt for just under three long years before my little miracle arrived (and his brother surprisingly quickly after that. I know *eye roll*). I was hitting every roadblock and everyone around me was knocked up (or so I thought). This blog is a place to share my truth, fears, joys, trials, tribulations and many laughs along the way to-and through-motherhood. Getting pregnant, staying pregnant and being a mom have one thing in common for me: it has not gone how I expected.  All of it has been so much harder than I imagined.

But, I don’t want this to be a woe is me, down in the dumps, dwell in our collective sorrows type of thang. That’s not my style.  There will be some bummer posts, some informative, some funny, and some absolutely-not-related-whatsoever-to-baby-making/raising. Why? Because our entire lives can’t be thinking about that.  Trust me. I’ve tried that already, and it’s a freaking nightmare.

So, let’s explore this incredibly bumpy road to “the bump” together, shall we? Check out the About Me section to get a little more scoop, then if you fancy yourself intrigued, read my first blog post, All of the Feels.