Thanks for visiting Not Quite Knocked Up.  About me.  I have no idea how to write a blog.  I was a math major. I am totally winging this.  But, I am essentially writing what I would like to read when I am sucked into a downward internet spiral of too much searching and too many “answers” about the journey to being a mom.

Being a mom is actually all I’ve ever wanted to be.  Sure, I was a total nerd in school and basically got straight As from kindergarten to graduate school.  And, sure I like to excel professionally.  But what “I’ve wanted to do when I grow up” despite, and in addition, to anything professionally has been a mother.

I’ve been called “mom” jokingly for most of my life; from the guys in my freshman res hall to the college students I advise now.  Apparently I’m mom-ish?

But, you go through adult life trying to prevent something because it’s not the right time, then you find a hottie, decide to put a ring on it (or vice versa-whatevs), and then at some point you potentially talk family.  Hopefully, you’ve had this convo before said ring, but at some point it comes down to…”So you wanna do this, or what?” (Or some variation for you).  And I don’t know what you think will happen, but whatever it is, it’s probably not what actually happens.

I spent more than two years (which felt like a decade) trying to have a baby: 5 miscarriages, 1 ectopic pregnancy, 2 failed IVF cycles later I am a mom to a miracle baby, Liam. His name was chosen when I was like 15 and little did I know the meaning “strong-willed warrior” would be beyond accurate.  Hoping I can talk through some of this nonsense, and perhaps help some others out along they way.

Check out my first blog post, All of the Feels, to get a little rundown and then feel free to peruse any of the other random topics, or don’t, no presh ( I love abbreevs, #sorrynotsorry).