Do you ever look around in wonder and awe about how dope and inspiring your friends are?  If you don’t, find yourself some new, dope friends. JK…kinda. But, I do that all the time.  My friends are doing some kick ass stuff in all types of areas.  I am constantly impressed by their brains, brawn and beauty.

This post is about one in particular, Ashley Butler, who is running a coaching business called Feel.Fire.Flow. (speaking of fire, how fire is that name though?)  She has been passionate about wellness for some time now, especially having dealt with a multitude of allergy and nutrition issues for quite a long time.  Once she discovered how her nutrition choices helped her feel better, she was able to really shape her life and move forward in a much more positive direction.

She has also dealt with her own struggle with fertility and her journey to motherhood.  She’s been a great support system for me, because as much as it sucks and you never want anyone you know to be in this fertility shit storm, it is nice to have people who understands what you’ve been through or can relate.

After having a bit of a life epiphany, Ashley decided she wanted to pursue a coaching business, and she could tie her experience with nutrition, wellness, and fertility into that business.  I know from just being lucky enough to be her friend that she is an unbelievable listener, gives great advice, and is so incredibly motivating.


She is offering an amazing special where you get your first 50 minute coaching session for free!!!!!  You can sign up to follow her site here and register to get your first free session as well: https://www.feelfireflow.com/services/.  I already signed up for mine!

This is a little departure from my typical blog post style, and story telling vibe.  But I also think it is really important for us to help each other, and I know how hard it can be to get past the sadness, get back to finding joy, and feel like myself again after going through these struggles.  So, if there is a way to assist any of us to get to that positive place, then why the heck not, right?

So, go check it out and Feel.Fire.Flow. all over the place!


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