Thank God for My Nieces!

Sometimes you just need to be around some cute li’l buggers to distract you from the bullshit in life.  This last week or so has been pretty bananas.  My dad ended up having to get an emergency below-knee amputation on his right leg after a life-threatening infection.  He’s battled diabetic complications for some time now, but they have become more and more prevalent, and foot infections have been the worst thing he’s had to deal with.  While the amputation is scary and life-changing, I do think that ultimately it will actually improve my dad’s quality of life.  But he has a tough road ahead learning to deal with life a little differently.  It’s been a lot! But he is doing well in rehab, and my mom is a super hero as always.

After the emotional week, Kenny and I headed down to New York for a bunch of festivities; his sister’s graduation from Podiatry school, a bbq and two weddings.  We also visited a bunch of friends in between.  Whatever time we could squeeze in with our people we did.  It is hard to be away from half of your people.  But such is life! It was quite a whirlwind.

One of the best parts was spending time with our twin nieces and God Daughters.  I had this blog topic in my head for a while, but this weekend reminded me that this would be a good time to post it.  Kenny’s sister has 7 month old twin girls, the cutest little nuggets, bursting with personality.  And, my brother has a daughter who is almost 3 (also God Daughter, Haaaaaaaay) who is neck and neck with my hubby as my favorite human in existence.  We are living at his house right now during our own house hunt process and one of the best benefits is that I get to see her so much more than I am used to.

It’s funny how your day can suck like none other, and then when you walk into the house and hear “It’s AUNTA COCOOOOOO” you can forget everything that sucks.  Same goes for picking up one of these gorgeous twins and squishing them.  My nieces have been a God-send through various levels of shittiness, especially on the fertility front.  When I go to New York right from getting shots for an ectopic, but their cute faces are there, or come home after getting an unpleasant phone call and have an almost three year old who wants to play hide and seek, you must oblige!

For your viewing pleasure:

Chloe and Mia, ummm can you even?


Hailey aka squish aka Sass for Days


So, they keep laughing and keep me distracted and that is the bomb!  Now to try and make them some cousins!  Tomorrow morning we have our suppression check then we are on to the drugsssssssssss.

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